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Obsessed with Twilight! Seriously. October 30, 2008

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Okay, so I’m sure everyone’s heard of Twilight by now.  Whether it’s the super market shelves lined with the recent release of the movi- promoting paperback or your daughter is glued to YouTube every second of the day to see fan-made videos, everyone’s heard of Twilight.  Or maybe, just maybe, you are obsessed, too!

I know, what you’re thinking.  What is a self-respecting adult doing reading a young adult novel about teenage love and vampires?  I’m having fun is what!  I got my friends hooked, they got their co-workers hooked, they got got their in-laws hooked…  and we are all adults.  We’ve started a Twilight support group where we email the latest news, movie clips, songs, and photos during the day.  They have even called off work on the day of the premier so we can see the movie before the teens get out of school.

(Spoilers ahead.  Stop reading if haven’t read the series and plan on reading them.)

Let me explain:  The story and writing is incredible.  There is the danger that Edward will just break down and kill her, all the while hating himself for even thinking it, then there’s Bella who is so clumsy she’s “practically handicapped,” and always manages to bleed on something, tempting him and his “family” with the sweet scent of her blood.  I recently read an article in which the author enjoys the books himself, but would never encourage a young girl to read them:

I can see where the author and the commentors are coming from, but I’m pretty sure that was not Meyer’s intention.  She wrote a story for herself and realized it was publishable.  Now she’s rolling in the dough of the fourth and final installment of the series, Breaking Dawn.

I feel like I have to defend Meyer a little because I married young.  For my high school graduation gift my boyfriend gave me and engagement ring, with the understanding that we would wait until he graduated college.  He was two years older than I was.  So that Fall I went to a community college studying architecture and I got a paid internship that winter.  My fiance got one also.  We realized that we were in love, we wanted to be married, we could afford to be married, so what’s stopping us?  Nothing.  So we tied the knot that summer.  It’s been eight years a going strong.

I can relate to Bella, Twilight‘s anti-heroin.  I knew at a young age who I was going to be with forever.  I’m not overly ambitious in that I didn’t think I needed a hotshot career.  My career is staying home and raising my kids.  I love it for the most part.  But enough about me…

Edward is Bella’s love interest, her angel, her soul mate, and he just happens to be a vampire.  A vegitarian one, anyway.  He and his “family” only drink the blood of animals.  He has killed in the past though, playing God and only killing those who would hurt other people.  And he is worried for her soul.  He doesn’t want to make her a vampire and he doesn’t want to have sex before they are married because he thinks there is still hope for her.  He doesn’t want to spoil her chances at Heaven.  All the while she thinks there is still hope for him.  Despite today’s modern views the story is pretty moral. 

I think the biggest reason for the success of this story is that it gives people hope.  Hope for happily ever after.  Hope for true love. Love that makes your toes curl.  Love that can only come once in a lifetime.  It’s that feeling that starts deep in your chest; it makes your heart skip, head spin and the tears fall.  I’m not saying love is easy or that Meyer’s Twilight  series is a model for it (hello, vampires?).  Love is hard.  If it was easy it wouldn’t have taken Stephenie Mayer four books to get to the end, am I right?  All I’m saying is that maybe it’s possible for two people to know their hearts, even at seventeen.