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Read my lips! No new chapters! November 17, 2008

Filed under: NaNoWriMo08 — nikilyn @ 8:55 pm

For those of you checking to see if I’ve posted any more chapters, I’m so sorry to disappoint.  My husband had afall at work last week and broke his ankle in several places and has been off work.  I have been driving to so many appointments for tests, and I had to learn to give him shots of blood thinners, plus I still drive my kids to school and back everyday/half days.  (And who can concentrate when we are only three days from the premier of “Twilight”?!)  Unfortunately, that means I haven’t written a single sentence more than what you see here.  Free moments are hard to come by at this house, and when they do the hubby is on the computer emailing his assistant making sure his projects aren’t screwed up.  I haven’t given up my goal of a fifty-thousand-word novel by November 30th.  Keep checking back; maybe I’ll post next week…  Until then, check out the artwork the kids and I have bestowed upon his cast:

... Like the Ducks Unlimited symbol?

... Like the Ducks Unlimited symbol?


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